About me

A little about me~ I'm an end-to-end Product Designer leveraging a background in project management and art direction.

After graduating UC Berkeley, I started my career making educational media for kids and adults. This taught me to distill complexity through storytelling, balance feedback, and collaborate with cross-functional teams. During my time at design firm IDEO, I was introduced to human-centered design, and realized great experiences aren't just creative, but create positive change.

As a designer, I have experience leading all aspects of the design process, from research to release. I enjoy applying creative frameworks to complex spaces, and am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills.

Areas of expertise

Product Design
User Research
Product Strategy
Information Architecture
Filming & Video Editing

Currently learning

HTML / CSS / React
Spline 3D Modeling
Webflow (how this site was built!)

Outside of work

Reading & Writing
Eating around NYC

Fun facts

1. I once worked as a research assistant analyzing hamster brains.
2. I workshopped a book with a published author through a writing contest in 2019.
3. I was born and raised in Colorado - no I did not live in the mountains nor was I always skiing. I did however, have prairie dogs in my backyard and lots of snow days.